Thursday, June 22, 2006 Eagle Dancer

Several of the town in the Four Corners have nightly summer Native American dance performances. Being a local, it always amazes me how the tourist respond to the dancers, like they really expect them to head off on their horse to their tepees- when they see them- around the corner, taking off their costumes, with their CD walkmans in their ears, maybe playing a Gameboy, drinking a Coke, leaning against their Camero- I think the tourist are actually surprised!
The relationships in the dancers families are interesting, too- remember once when we were watching them in Taos New Mexico, two young boys were goofing around before the performance with the wooden drum sticks that would be used to beat the drum for the rhythm, well their grandfather came over and put an end to it, speaking Apache, but you know what- I didn't need a translation and the boys quickly put the drumsticks back and stopped goofing around! We're not that much different!


  1. WOW~ Julia this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! The colors, the motion the detai.... It truly made my heart leap when I saw it.

  2. Julia,
    ANother of your fantastic fabric illustrations. This is gorgeous. It's cool that you used feathers in it an even greater sense of motion.