Wednesday, December 06, 2006

" Illustration Friday- Might"

They MIGHT be wrapped up in that blanket because they are cold... and they MIGHT not be...
Okay- enough with trying to get the theme this week to work and in the children's section, sorry. I just finished this and really wanted to get it up here for the whole world to see, so I was gonna make it work somehow!
"Harvesting Poles" is actually inspired by many times coming across Native American families, in the National Forest in Southwest Colorado as they chop, actually they chainsaw, down Logpole Pines to be used in their tepees. No- they do not live in them all the time, mostly they live in doublewide trailers, clustered in family groups, out on reservation, But they come up into the mountain to get the poles for tepees they stay in during their spiritual festivals or Pow Wows. And sometimes they will hide the poles in the forest and then they only have to bring the canvas to make shelters when they camp in the mountains.
I have never seen an old truck used, usually the poles are tied to the tops of minivans, but this was more picturesque.
Lodgepoles are very tall and straight evergreens, and have been harvested for dwelling for a very long time, the first white settlers also used them in building
log cabins and barns when they first came to the west.
Blankets are also very important to Native Americans, they are given as gifts to mark important ceremonies and are considered prized possessions and there is meaning in their design and how they are worn.
But a boy and a girl, wrapped up together, needs no explaination, ..... oh- children's section- sorry!


  1. Very cool!

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Julia this is really wonderful! You did an excellent job on the blanket!! I love the truck, it is so adorable. It will make a great card!

  3. Julia this is just marvelous. The way you have with fabric is amazing. I am always in awe of what you can do with the colors the fabric choices and your sense of color and design. This is a beautiful image, and I loved learning more about the Native American culture.

  4. Julia,
    This is wonderful. I especially like the pattern on the two people, their gesture..the dog..and the fresh air feeling in the illustration. It makes me feel like I can smell the mountain air. Love the red car too.

  5. What a nice piece! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. wow! wonderful work!