Thursday, March 08, 2007

Everything Goes Around

This is interesting. Henry Ford made cars in America. His counterparts were making cars in Europe for the elite. Ford decided to do it differently. He wanted to make cars as cheaply as possible,but the assembly took too long- then he had an idea and the modern assembly line was created-one person, would put the same bolt, in the same place, in hundreds of cars, the next person would have their repetitive job- cutting the time almost in half. Less time in production translated to cheaper cars and more cars. More cars needed more workers to make them. But then the work, itself is boring and Ford can not keep employees-so he almost doubles the wages- allowing the people who make the cars to afford the cars- and creates a "middle class in America-and the whole idea basically pushes us into the modern comsumer age-

Don't you love the history channel!


  1. And now look at where we are with cars! Who would have imagined.
    FUn post..loved the old photo.

  2. Julia, you always have the greatest pieces of history to entertain and enlighten us with. I learned something today~