Saturday, April 28, 2007

IF "Remember"

I think this is the second or third attempt at fabric collage. Looking back at it I realize how much my "technique" has changed- dare I say "improved". My dogs have definitely changed and I think that is the last cat I have done. Making an account of my portfolio on my website- I have done 10 illustrations that have a dog- out of 17!One illustration has a cat. Hum? What does that say- and I don't think I am a "gagga" for dogs person? Well- okay right now my two dogs are right here- the big one on the floor next to the bed, where I will have to navigate over him to get up nd the little one at the foot of the bed surveying her domain out the window.
Why do I illustrate so many dogs? Cause they are expressive I guess- they come in so many sizes and shapes- and having a dog says something about who a person is-

people who "take their dog" places are a little bit more laid back- little bit less up tight- and I like those people, I like illustrating those people. Dare I say I am one of those people? The illustration I am working on right now? Aghhhhh? Has two dogs in it and a pick up truck- ( 5 out of 17 illustrations have trucks)Great I will be the illustrator of dogs and trucks- is there much need for that in in the children's literature market?

I love the West- the geographical location and the lifestyle and you illustrate what you know- if you drive the highways of the Southwest- you see dogs and you see trucks. Both say something about the people who make this place their home.


  1. It's wonderful, Julia. I like that you added the cat, she seems to be important to the image as a whole, and her color certainly moves your eye up the canvas to the flower pot and sunflower. Your technique just gets better and better. These works of yours would make such gorgeous pages in a daily journal. Your flowering pieces just bloom!

  2. I like your illustrations, and I love your words! Dogs are an incredible gift from God. Great work!

  3. Julia, this piece is wonderful...all your stuff is wonderful. I'd love to have a large and long one just like this hanging on my wall. Have you ever considered doing large pieces and selling them for wall art??? I'm sure there would be such a demand you couldn't keep up...

  4. Julia,
    Hey there, this may have been your 3rd attempt at fabric collage, but I really love it. The colors are really great. Nice and soft, and then the sunflowers really pop. The animals add personality. I really like this one a whole bunch!

  5. like the colours here!