Saturday, June 14, 2008


This week IF is "punchline". At first- I thought only the cartoonist on the list, would have anything-then remembered sketches I do while waiting as the mom/chauffeur in karate class.
So here is my "Punchline" or more accurately- a line of kids, waiting to go punch something.
This one was from last summer, either during a clinic or testing, can't remember- look what a black belt can do with a bunch of nine year olds- make them sit and wait quietly. If it was the clinic there were about five black belts in the room- making the kids "toe the line".
American Kenpo Karate has been a great experience for my kids- there is no "religous aspect"-so that doesn't entangle us- the kids have to work hard for their goals- no ribbons for just showing up and fairness is not a concern- you work hard you move up, they get reprimanded if they do not call their instructor "Sir" or are disrespectful, they have to teach their bodies to do what they want- all artist know that frustration- and frankly it is a beautiful art- the techniques have names like "Captured Twigs" , "Twirling Wings" and " Leaping Crane"- moves that have been taught for thousands- yes thousands of years in one form or another. Pretty cool to be connected to something that "Epic"


  1. Hi Julia

    This is so very cute and well drawn. I cannot imagine a more unique solution for this weeks topic. Marvellous!

  2. Very creative take on punchline! My husband and I just started taking Tae Kwon Do a few weeks ago, and we're enjoying the smooth movements and the punching and kicking. The class discipline is good for us adults too!

  3. Great concept, nice drawing!

  4. Great Sketch, Julia! And what a neat way to depict the topic.