Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This isn't the greatest picture- but it shows the background pretty well, I really lucked out on the wheat- wondering how I was going to show wheat waving in the the wind- this is a Batik fabric that I cut up and used different directions. It is a mental trip to treat such things as grasses, leaves, hair, flowers in a field as a whole instead of zooming in on the individual strands or stocks and it is amazing what little detail you really needed to convince the viewers brain that they are looking at crows or anything else.
Of course the "Impressionist" were the first to really understand that- looks up close at one of Monet's works and really see how little information you need to provide, to be convincing.
Of course in collage it is a little bit harder to "hint" at a form- much easier with a loose medium like painting. I was really inspired when I came across a book by Michael David Brown, Realistic Collage.  (I can't find a website on him,) which made me realize I could achieve "realism" in collage, though the medium is much more known for a more abstract style.
I guess my goal is to make a picture that the medium I use is second to the the richness and message it ivokes.
Plus the texture I can achieve with fabric and thread is "yummy!"

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