Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pie for Dinner?

There is a reason our grandparents could have dessert with every "high carb" meal  they ate- they worked really, really hard!
I spent a good part of the day, stripping and airing out linens, and "beating" the rug under our bed- and wipping down walls by hand, and sweeping out the corner of our wood floor- I  think I burned way more calories then a work out at the gym.
I have often heard those who do a lot of "treadmill" "exercise bikes" or " cardio" classes bemoan that it didn't seem to help when they found themselves  in "day to day" hard labor and I believe it- My grandma would talk of days starting at 5 am to milk the cows, feed the livestock, stack the wood, do the laundry and dishes manually, sweeping, mopping by hand, cleaning with rags, etc- but also their dinner tables were always covered in bread, gravies and desserts- humm?
Today we seem to frantically seek out ways to make our lives eaiser- better washers, dryers, diswashers, mops, dust devices, etc-  that also will eventually fill up the landfills or use more electricity- but that is another post- and then we go to the gym and work out- how about moving a wood pile, hanging our wet clothes out on an oldfashion clothes line, beating rugs or washing floors on hands and knees? Hey it is better for the environment, our houses are cleaner really and we can have our pie guilt free!

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