Friday, December 10, 2010


Outside of Salt Lake City,Utah traveling west on Interstate 80 you drive through "Phenomenon"  of the Salt Flats.

Where in July it looks like it there is snow on the ground. But then as you stare out the window-( when someone else is driving) you start to think that little piles of the salt are actually floating in the air- but they are not- there is just a few inches of water covering most of the flats and the sun reflects the mountain range in the distance  and the sky on the puddles of water and where the salt is mounded by the wind- it looks like it is floating above. The whole valley is just weird- and makes one feel like they are in another world. But it inspired this illustration for a sample Young Adult novel about a girl on some kind of a journey.
I had to show a close up of the girl- which is my oldest daughter- I had fun with all the embroidery on the purse and virtual tattoo- yes I virtually tattooed my daughter- and the bead work for her bracelet- this detail demand a huge canvas- think it was like 22 inches wide- but it is necessary to get any likeness in the face or be able to add rich embellishment.
I'm pretty happy with it- the illustration is set for a mailing for AD of chapter and YA books to try and get some cover work- all to go out after the holiday!


  1. Living in Salt Lake, I have driven that stretch many times. It's always mind boggling to see the stretches of white salt as flat as a tabletop. Quilting is such an art- nice job!

  2. I'm very familiar with the Salt Flats. Utah is an amazing state, with all kinds of strange geographical stuff going on! I love the art work of your daughter!

  3. This is such an incredibly beautiful piece of art. I love the rawness of the textures and the wildness in the kind of femininity you've represented. It's just exquisite.

  4. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Lovely work!

  5. Wow! Great details, Julia. I like how you handled the sky also!

  6. I love this-- and that sneaky dog on the bed! Lovely work!