Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feeding the Spirit

Today, I am working here, in a coffee shop- still deep in winter the walls of the studio just felt like they were closing in the last couple of days and decided I needed to be looking at people instead of my dogs, cause I think I was talking to them a little bit too much!

My attention was brought to the counter when the owner was trying to hand out samples of a new rich velvet cake he was thinking of selling- and well everyone was turning it down- declaring they just couldn't. Now these slices consisted of about three bites, four if you took tiny ones, and I had to laugh, as I enjoyed my little sample- at the fact that everyone else in the room declared they just couldn't, as they ordered their skim milk lattes and wheat bagels with just a skim of butter were MEN!!

What have we come to here in the US- where people talk in terms of proteins, carb and glutens- instead of in well food!

Remember food- the bounty that we partake in with those we love or at least like sitting around us. Gifts from God for our "daily bread" with no clarification it is or is not gluten free. The bounty of fields, orchards and gardens, enjoying the sight, smell and taste of it with out guilt.

Now we can drink our fiber without eating fruit, pop a handful of pills to get our daily vitamins, and save time and get the one meal we do chew, instead of drink, out of a box or smashed together in a protein bar.

But what have we lost- I think a lot- I think that many souls are starving, that a little slice of Red Velvet Cake can help heal. That a little perfect chocolate fudge sundae, if eaten without guilt but savored might make one sleep better that night- instead of popping a sleeping pill, which seems to also be on the  rise.

That days spent working hard, should be rewarded with night spent in the company of friends enjoying delicious food- for a platter of hot goodness will feed more then our physical bodies.

There was a new article out on yahoo- this morning on that Carbs- slow starches are back- and should be 65% of your diet.
I know I could find an article saying the exact thing about protein.
I think about my mom and my grandma's cooking- where the plate consisted of starch- potatoes usually, good farm food, bread, vegetables, some over cooked and some pickled- and a little meat- you were considered rude to not fill your plate with mostly the starches- the meat was a condiment- but you know what sitting around the table together the food feed the soul- and the craving for more wasn't so strong.

Think how good you feel when you walk into somewhere were you can smell something good cooking, or wake up to the smell of breakfast - people usually physically react in joy to such smells- I just think protein bars and fiber powders and shot blocks will never feed the soul like Red Velvet Cake.


  1. Bring on the cake! : )

  2. I would've had a second sample of that red velevet cake! A little bit of sweet helps my muse. Stay warm!