Monday, April 18, 2011

IF: Journey

The Earth journeys around the Sun and since we are along for the ride it seems be a good idea if it didn't break down anytime soon!

Sending postcards out this week to Art Directors. Doing double duty with Earth Day on Friday
and Easter Weekend following, so this image is early, post the Easter image later in the week. 
Printed them side by side on an 8.5 x11 sheet and cut in half. Sending them out today- selectedly
of course- picking which AD would like which one!


  1. Excellent promotion! It'll meet with good results, I'm sure. Wanted to get around to an Earth Day card too but it got squeezed out of the schedule. I am doing my bit that day by presenting a program on birds to 60 kindergartners at our local library! Then to device our family Easter egg hunt (the clues are in rhyme- guess who gets to write these?)

  2. Fun illustration, Julia. That's quite the fancy tow truck you've created!!