Saturday, August 27, 2011

IF: Disguise

This is old, but fits the theme well. Could Fall be right around the corner. I am so ready for cooler weather, golden leaves, life slowing down with all our schedules less crazy- though opposite of that, I took, or retook my teaching job at Battlerock Charter School- to teach art, music and now a reading and writing enrichment program to rural and Native American Children. I was down there for six years until the administration and parent's board changed and they chose to drop the Art program. Well, now three year forward and a new administration has brought back many of the teachers that taught with me and whalla- life can work that way.

Of course, now I am in this freelance mode of working at home.....staring at my dogs....talking to my dogs....too many days wearing working twenty hours a week down at the school probably is a good thing for me. I will still have the mornings to write, I'll work in the afternoons, and have all of Thursday and Friday in my studio, and  the weekends. Plus with a kiddo going off to college next year, the extra $$$ is a good thing.

Battlerock is a one room school house, down McElmo Canyon, right below Sleeping Ute Mountain and near the border with Utah and very close to both the Navajo and Ute reservations. Well, one thing is certain, I will have a lot to blog about this school year!


  1. That's a great halloween illustration, Julia! I hope you have a good year teaching. I'm glad they are including art & music in the program again!

  2. You will have a lot to blog about... and write about and illustrate about! Here's wishing you a great new school year- I feel renewel in the fall, as it seems you do, too.

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM