Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting ready for Christmas...

Since this Christmas falls on a Sunday, the powers that be decided the holiday break for school should start actually on the 26th, I teach in the neighboring district to where my girls go ( which decide to let the kiddos out after Wednesday half day). My district is a four day week anyway so the kids are finishing out the week and not getting out until Friday- literally one day before Christmas Eve.

After Santa Claus himself, this time of year has to be the busiest to the lowly Art and Music teacher! Here is my list and I have checked in more than twice!!

1. Make Christmas ornaments for 37 children including.... handmade beads to go into the bead and wire star for the older class.
2. Glue together about 80 popsicle stick frames hoping will get 37 usable ones to make frames ( which is a good thing, since made the mistake of stacking them together too soon, did not account for kindergartners love of glue...lots and lots of glue.)

3. make sure I have taken photo of 37 children, need to still get pics on thumb drive and go to Walmart at a time when no one else wants to be there in order to get prints made a picture kiosk.
4. Practice - Little Drummer Boy with drums for the little guys, Jingle Bells with chimes, wood and bells with the big guys, Must be Santa, 12 Days of Christmas, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas and practice playing Silent Night as it is sung in Navajo- yup Navajo.
5. Wear old clothes for the "Day of Glue!!!" where above mentioned frames will be covered in glue and colored sand. ( which for some reason the school has a ton of, literally, I could do sand and glue projects all year and not run out? Hum, Art supply of Christmas pasts?

6. Make gift bags and tags for 37 children- teach older kids how to cut out a snowflake- realize there is no way for the little guys to do it so go to plan B- coloring Christmas scenes and character on bag- pretty cute!
7. Practice, Practice Practice songs- did I mention accompanying on the piano to Silent Night in Navajo.
8. Try to figure out if the convention hall where program will be even has a piano and if not what my plan B will be- got a key board that might work if power cord or right size batteries can be tracked down and the machine can be powered up..... maybe should think of a plan C!
9. After getting pics made, construct the picture frames.... do I make sample to test the projects in my head...............................no.

9. Find one more easy, kindergarten -first grade level ornament to have the kiddos make- which probably means one more trip to................Walmart!
10. did I mention playing Silent Night in Navajo, I don't understand Navajo.

As I write this Jon come in and asks " Did we settle on a Christmas Dinner...... fondue, turkey, elk stew?"
I give him a look and say....."Ask me after Thursday."

Would I trade the glue fingers, sand covered art room, pounding little drummer and bell players, sugar high little darlings for a Martha Stewart Christmas this year....nay, but..Ask me after Thursday!!

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