Tuesday, January 10, 2012

IF: Grounded

These guys and gals better be grounded, before they try and take another step. Got to say that Ice Climbing has to be a sport that I do not understand- but it is awful exciting to watch, so colorful for the eye!
Each time they take a step, they kick seveal time with their crampons, metal teeth attached to their boots and make darn sure they are secure and grounded!
The little mining town of Ouray is a mecca for ice climbers. It's on the other side of the San Juan Mountains- literally- you make a loop- Durango, over  Hesperus Pass, Dolores, over Lizardhead Pass, Telluride,  over Dallas Divide, Ridgeway and Ouray, over Red Mountain Pass, Silverton, over Molas and Coalbank Pass and then back to Durango- you can do it in a day and still stop somewhere and walk around and grab a bite. The trip is like a slow moving rollercoaster, with 1,000 foot drop off, but some view!
We don't get much past Telluride, but Ouray is pretty amazing too, way more rugged than the ski resort and not so glamorfied!
We do need to get over there this winter to take watch the ice climbers. They actually have an ice park, where in a deep rocky raven, the city sprays the sides of the rock walls with water until it is a ice climbing playground!

Since it rigt below one of the main roads, you can easily watches these guys (and gals)...who maybe are not that well "mentally grounded" now that I think about it!!!


  1. Great ice climbing illustration Julia! You tackle such action images and do them so well. It seems like it has to be harder to do that in fabric than with pencil or paint. Excellent!

  2. Another stunning piece of art. How do you achieve such detail? I'm also fascinated by your environment. So different from here or anywhere else I've been to!

  3. Oooh, my son's a rock climber; I hope he doesn't try this! I love your work...have you ever shown us your pieces as work-in-progress shots? I'd love to see your process.

  4. Great image! Really impressive! And I like seeing the photographs too.