Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That Time of Year....

Heading home from yoga this morning, I met this. It is the third cattle drive I have had to navigate in three days. Here in the Four Corners, ranchers winter their cattle low and then this time of year drive them up to the National Forest. They hold permits that allow them to do that.
I never mind the intrusion of coming around a bend and seeing the trailer, with a red flag out the window, the signal that there is a cattle drive ahead. Most of the states in the West are "open range" states which means the cattle actually have the right away! It's fun to roll the window down and listen to the "mammas" trying to keep their babies close.
Well there was the time, I thought I better clean and shine up my car, we were headed to the other side of the mountain to civilisation in Denver, Colorado to see my mom, and no joke, fifteen minutes later I was navigating through a scene like above, Cows and their calves leaning on my shining car....I gave up after that, my mom will just have to accept  me coming home with a less than perfect vehicle!

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