Friday, February 22, 2013

What Does It Mean?

Let's see? If the groundhog sees its shadow that means there will be 6 more weeks of winter....
What about the elk we found hanging out in our back pasture this morning? We are just a tad bit too low from their usual winter hangout across the way on our neighbors hay field- but which in October, got burned out if you recall...
As did the canyon...
a "highway" for the elk and other animals, like my mountain lion, to move from one part of the mesa top to the other, virtually undetected.
Luckily otther signs tell me, let me hope that spring is on the way- like my dogs shedding the amount of a small chihuahua everyday.
Amazing, after we admired the elk at their breakfast we went back to getting ready for the day and minutes later, Jon looked out the window again and the elk were gone. We couldn't find them anywhere, they are huge, way bigger then a horse and some how they move together stealthily, probably back down in the canyon, much to the deer's delight, who make a regular appearance at the hay bales every morning. He did see our "barn cat" Scotty, stalking in the grass nearby, maybe he scared them away?




  1. Love seeing the pictures of your environment, it's so vast!