Sunday, April 07, 2013

IF: Urban

This last week was our Spring break and we were soooooo not anywhere near an urban setting, well the last part,we did go down into Denver to hit a mall and civilization, but most of the vacation was spent with antelope, elk and sagebrush in Wyoming and South Dakota.
Quite a contrast to last Springbreak in Chicago, still think about the great day I spent at the Chicago Institute of Art all by myself, while the gang was over at the Field Museum, looking at the stuffed animals,skeletons and rocks.
There was sooo much to see at the Art Museum, I had to take a break and sit down at the cafe and put my feet up, so I sketched a bit the view towards the CIA lions.

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  1. I know that view very well. Lovely! Always hard to choose between urban and "afield" destinations. Stimulation both directions!