Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What does it mean?

I circled the West twice this summer- no joke, just did it in a back#@! kind of way. All totaled-
2 Weeks in Northern Colorado and Wyoming
2 weeks in California- 1 in LA and 1 on the Central Coast
trips to Taos, New Mexico, Moab, Utah and to Grand Junction, Colorado
and not even done...
will be going back to Wyoming, Grand Junction, Northern Colorado and hopefully Salt Lake  before Thanksgiving.
About a fourth of my wandering was for R and R- much was to see or help extended family move, mom downsizing. It just was one of those odd summers and every trip was needed and a benefit in some way.....I'm just now really, really tired- kind of feel like this cat- snapped at the Pismo Beach Pro Surf Shop...
One trip was for business- fun business, to the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators Annual Summer Conference- I posted a fairytale about working in Children's Publishing HERE, a few weeks ago, I think- it is hard to remember back that far! I came home on the train and went back to California with my family on a great roadtrip- two day later- then came home and the next day took my daughter back to college to help her set up her first apartment ever.
Enough of my family's itinerary!
What Does my summer of enlightenment in some awe inspiring places mean...
from watching marine life- dolphins, seals and sea otters on the California Coast to mama moose bedded down with their babies in Grand Tetons...

 bison grazing around Yellowstone Lake...
 or trying to get close to a gathering of butterflies drinking from tiny pools left by tire tracks coming out of a stream in the La Sal Mountains, Utah...
I have no idea, other then what I always conclude- that we live on an amazing planet that couldn't have happened by accident and was created by a loving Creator!
And it is time to slow down and "feed the whales" for awhile.
I know- it should be "fill the well", but that is such a boring image to illustrate and I'm dyslexic, often my brain misfires and something close to what I meant to say comes out and "Feed the Whale" came out in a conversation with my husband, whose lawyer brain can hardly handle such things, but now he knows what it means.
I need to slow down and well- live in my studio, or out sketching, drawing, a lot! I am not going to proclaim how much, no goals, just me, a bucket of fish and a hungry whale, we will see what happens when he is full!


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  1. Nothing more exhausting than worrying about everyone else! Enjoy a rest Julia.