Friday, November 18, 2016

Circumventing Wyoming: Mormon Row

Waiting for hiking weather to come to Grand Tetons National  Park, we went to explore Mormon Row situated near the Gros Ventre river.   

Click Here to read the history of the Mormon pioneers that clustered their homesteads in the Jackson valley starting in 1890.
The day we were there, the overcast sky only emphasized the hardship the families dealt with in the unforgiving land of Wyoming. 

 The buildings that are left have now becoming iconic images, captured by weathered photographers coming out at the crack of dawn to get the sun coming up over the Tetons behinds the iconic barns, stark homes and outbuidlngs.


But walking past the windows of the pink house, my thoughts were on the women homesteaders. How  successful were they at getting some flowers to grow outside and did they have geraniums in the windows?

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  1. Hard to imagine that life, isn't it? We are so spoiled now!