Friday, May 02, 2008

Thankfully-my perimeter is covered!

From my travel journal(April 11,2008)
I'm sitting in a coffee shop next to the Boudler Book Store. Most of you will know what that is and where it is, but if you don't I will tell you where first- Boudler, Colorado- a mecca for those free thinking, insanely rich, environmental movers and shakers- who also like to be within a minutes run up into some of the most awe inspiring mountains on God's green earth, guarded by the Flat Irons- red rock formations nestled in green foothills that resemble several irons- like the kind you iron clothes with- you want to see them go to and you can see them in the back of the illustration.
Boulder is the home of the affuinate Colorado University, where student live out the hippie life ( now called granolas) with their parents trust funds- it is also one of the top environmental schools in the country.
I was born in Boulder, but grew up about an hour away in a more conservative community- but Boulder influenced my soul, so I love to come back to it as often as possible and wander the streets and watch the people.
And so here I sit, at a coffee cafe on the Pearl Street Mall, a walking only section of the old downtown, where musicians, mix with Yuppies and Granolas, CU students and Society People and the Homeless and as a Cornerstone in the Northwest corner is the Boulder Bookstore, the antithesis of the Starbucks-es yes I am making that plural on purpose. Where nothing matches, not the mugs, the plates or the chairs. Where a sign hangs reminding everyone to make a new friend by sharing your table during their busy times or let someone else use your table when you are done eating, and states the Golden rule, "to remember that next time it might by you who is in need of a little kindness."
And as I come in this lovely coffee shop there is a homeless man, with the bluest eyes in a weather worn face,covered mostly with a scraggle beard and a head of black thick hair under a blue knit cap and for whatever reason, he finds it necessary to raise his hand expressively in the air every few moments and snap, sometimes once, with several seconds or minutes in between, sometimes he snaps several times in a row. He is not getting in anyone's face, he is not acting agressive to anyone and obviously the owners of the coffee shop have an understanding with him and have no desire to tell him to leave.
I have no problem with him either and didn't turn on my heels and head back out the door when he made his first chorus of snapping.
I did debate using the open honey container, and wondered if that was wise, since he was the person fixing his coffee at the counter before me, but hey, I really like my tea with honey so I took my chances.
I think in his mind he is protecting us, he has a very soft mannerism about him, has not said one word and somehow I think he thinks he is warding off evil from this corner of the Pearl Street Mall. I have seen other homeless people behave in a way they are protecting themselves, shooing imaginary things away, this is not what he is doing, he is protecting this spot, that for whatever reason is special to him and because I am sitting here, in his zone he is responsible for, he is protecting me!
Now he is outside, and must have decided that the evil is coming from all sides and is walking the prerimiter and shooing things away.
And this morning, because I sm dealing with a situation beyond my control, that I have no other choice but to just wait and see how it will play out, that made me lay awake most of the night, and pour out tears and this morning has given me a sunken heart about- I actually would love to jump up and start snapping away the evil spirits with him, or a least ask him if he would do some extra snapping around me cause frankly I need it this morning- a really big dose of snapping and protection from evil spirits that will rip apart my tender soul.
But then I look up at the sign asking people to please treat others, in offering a table- the way you would want to be treated and I remember who authored that- who said that first- who is the creator of the idea, to be kind to others because you don't know when you will be on the recieving end of the kindness. Jesus- who is always walking my perimeter and not snapping the evil spirits away, but declaring in the power of God that I am His and any "evil-ness" that tries to hurt me and discourage me will be answering to Him. That if I have any thing in me, any sin in me, He will be taking care of it and He is the only one that can change me-and bottom line is- He thinks I'm pretty okay right now, dare I saw great, that He loves me as one of his children eveb though He sees my flaws.
So even though I would really like to jump up and joining my homeless friend, do a little snapping of my own to ward off those evil spirits, in reality, I don't have to because my perimeter is covered, the Lord of the Universe loves me, owns me, protects me and is constantly walking my perimeter and watching over me.