Tuesday, July 31, 2012

IF: Lonely

Funny, I always feel the "loneliest" in a group of people? Not my family, I am thrilled to spent as much time as I can with them- but  I hardly ever feel lonely when I am by myself.
This is a portrait of my daughter, its okay, but I am  almost done with an even bigger one of her at Arches National Park in Utah , which also has a couple hundred hand stitched butterflies, I kid you not!
This one, the background is the Salt Flats, going West out of Salt Lake City. It is a very, very lonely place. Did it as a sample to get some book cover work, so far, no luck- will be sending out the new one this fall hopefully- have improved on the portraits I think.

Friday, July 13, 2012

IF: Lost

Illustration Friday theme this week is "Lost". I don't think we were "lost" per say- a few weekends ago when we went camping. We were up above Dunton, near Telluride but headed towards Ground Hog and ended up above Fish Creek. Let's just say, I think if Jon got bonked on the head, me and the girls could have probably found our way out.
It was a great weekend, just us and the dogs, who woke me up early, well, never let me sleep much, by the end, I just gave me sleeping pad to the white one. Once up, I tried to do some yoga, but apparently the only reason one would bend over in Downward Dog, would be to pet the dogs, they did settled down for me to do some sketching though...