Saturday, April 18, 2009


"Impossibility" is the theme for Illustration Friday this week and it seemed to be a theme that I could pick anything- because it is nothing short of an impossibility that I can even remotely call myself a freelance illustrator.
I feel like I have been doing this forever, with little results,than I don't know what happen- the last few weeks- it has gotten crazy- still not seeing a lot of money for my efforts- but Friday, I felt like a real illustrator- I spent my day working on a commission for National Public Radio,(more to follow later, don't want to let the cat out of the bag) and mailing off requested sample to a top children's publisher I would love to work with, after a personal email from an editorial intern-all an "Impossibility"!! not that long ago.
I have a few other big leads in the pot- everything seems to be due on May 1st- so the next two weeks,I will be working like a real illustrator-
Walking out of the post office, I thought to myself "What would I do if I got a picturebook contract?", I'm not sure, but the first thing I would want to do is curl up in a ball and declare it would be an "impossibility"!!
Don't know what will happen after May 1st- made there will be nothing on the horizon-but it feels like I have taken a step up the ladder.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

IF:" Fleeting"

When I think of "Fleeting" I think there is nothing more fleeting then the moments we spent with our "little ones". I have had babies and toddlers and preschoolers and little kids and now teenagers, my children change before my eyes and no matter how much I would like to slow down time, I can't they grow and change and I am left with only memories and pictures.
Sometimes I look at other's babies and wish I was still there-my arms feel empty without a child little enough to hold- and all I can do is wonder if I savored those years as much as I could?
I found myself watching this dad and kid at a bike function, changed the setting in the illustration, but was entranced by this dad including his son in his biking, crouching down and interacting with his son before the race began- My husband had done the same for so many years,and now our daughter are riding the trails with him, but even those moments are fleeting too.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

IF- " Poise"

Like I seem to start all blogs,with the appearance of a political bent,I'll start this one- Whether you like Obama or not, He stepped into the "honeymoon" period of his "reign" with style and poise-
Riding the same train route- that Lincoln rode, who fought for the rights of all Americans- wow! ( I'm usually more interested in the human character then politics!)
I'm sure I will not agree with every decision Obama makes, already haven't- but I like him, adore his wife- and recognize the monumental job his has ahead.
What I don't like is how this illustration ended up- first it took forever- crowd scenes, a lot of little pieces of fabric- yikes- also as happens- got the whole thing done and was photographing the illustration- saw for the first time- bad perspective behind the train- you should see the fence on the other side of the train too! Well Chagall had bad perspective!!