Thursday, October 23, 2008


Welcome to "a new era in a country where just 143 years ago, Mr. Obama, as a black man, could have been owned as a slave." from the New York Times
And you don't even have to go back that far- to the time when the "Grandfather clauses-" wouldn't of allowed him to even vote!

Whether this country loves him or hates him, sings his praises or curses him, credits him for our prosperity or blames him for our trails in the next four years- or eight-I hope we all remember the events of this election- that a black man, the son of an emigrant, can and did become President of our great ( not perfect) country- and just as important- that record numbers of us, from all walks of life, all colors, all classes, stepped out and made our voices heard. That is a great thing- no matter how you slice it or liked the outcome!

My husband,Jon, got the privilege of seeing our voting process first hand as an election monitor on the Ute Mountain Ute Indian reservation.
Seeing how most Native Americans have P.O. Boxes and not street addresses- the address usually goes something like " its the second trailer, past the corrals, and on the road towards the butte-", there was some debate as to is their tribal I.D.s would be sufficient.
Well on through the day, a little 80 year old Ute lady came in, needing a translator because she didn't speak English very well and after some calling back and forth to the County- due to her paperwork- or lack there of- Voted- Voted for the first time in her life!!!!!
Hope-Promise-Courage and Progress- Obama's campaign "catch phrases" are what has gotten this country through some tough time- I know it is sappy and the people smarter then me-who read the papers, listen to the analysts and know the stats are too practical to see it- but a shot of "sappy" once in awhile is a good thing!
Obama is not our Savior or a messenger from Satan- he is a man- who not only "had a dream.." but after the sacrifices of those before him, was able to achieve that dream!
For those who think the blessing of God will stop raining down on this country- because Obama is in office- I look to Christ's word- "give Cesar what is Cesar's" and I'll add- and "Give God what is God's" and we will be fine.