Friday, December 11, 2009

Yak or Highland Cow?

A family bet is riding on this and I won't say which way I am commiting to- but can you comment on this blog and vote what you think these animals are- Yaks or Highland Cows?
They were spotted when we were going "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go" for Thanksgiving- the _______ were in a ranchers field near Mancos Colorado and the yellow circle on some of their behinds are sale barn stickers.

It should NOT influence you that near Alamosa Colorado there were the same looking animals and a spray painted sign selling YAK meat-  or that the one of the people on the other side of the bet, miss identified goslings for baby ducks at the feed store- thinking them to be "really healthy duck" awhile back and wouldn't believe anyone the long beaked fowl until they started to honk instead of quack!
Please note that there has been NO Photoshop or "Trickiery" going on in  Professional Photo Editing these are "virgin" images.


  1. Ahh, they are so cute. They do look a bit like Highland cows,but don't those have reddish fur? The only pics of Yaks that I have seen seem shaggier, but maybe I'm thinking of musk oxen. Yak meat sounds like a solid clue, but they might be a hybrid also. Oh, I'm on the fence. O.K., I'm going with Yak. Final answer.

  2. Maureen3:22 AM

    definitely a Yak!!

  3. Hi Julia, we have Highland cows up here in New England and they don't look at all like these guys, so I am voting that they are indeed YAKs.

    Whatever they are they are massive creatures and another of God's unique gifts.

  4. I'm teetering torwards yak

  5. Neither-I'd bet you a piece of art that they are beefalo-bison/cow hybrids.

  6. These are definitely Yaks. We own about 150 of these beautiful creatures. For comparison photos, take a look at our website.