Monday, May 10, 2010

12 Hours of Mesa Verde

6 A.M. and getting ready for the race, warming up.
Race meeting, all 600 racers couldn't fit in the building- rules? basically be nice and courteous, most through the day did...
since it was Mother's Day weekend we honored the moms with pink ribbons.
First lap racers had to run to their bikes to spread out the pack..
Lap = a 17 mile loop out in Phil's World at the base of Mesa Verde.

Racers checked in at time table, either heading out again or trading off to the next rider on the team.

No serious injuries this year, one guy flipped into a pond, another came to the time table missing half of his helmet, the stryofoam gone from an endo ( over the handle bars)

Waiting for the riders to come in.

Many faithful dogs!
And lots and lots of pasta eaten from one of the days sponsors- Lotsa Pasta in Cortez Colorado.

Coming in...

Another successful race, 600 racers- all proceeds to benefit the Montezuma  Partners Program.
To see racer results or think about coming next year- see 12 Hours of Mesa Verde

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