Monday, May 24, 2010

The Well is Dry....for now

The last month is a blur- completing the biggest writing and illustration projects I have ever done- both spec- but will keep you updated and then a week focused on the 12 Hour Mesa Verde Bike race- right before a week in Boulder, Colorado for the Big Sur in the Rockies writer's conference put on by the Andrea Brown Agency,  where after the conference was over , I waited a day to come home and sat in my mother's bedroom at a cardtable to finish a requested illustration sample by a publisher, so I wouldn't lose a day on the road driving back, overnighting it from Loveland, which apparently is actually two days to  Maine- and now a week home to regroup get another illustration done, spec for another conference in the Fall- before a week in San Franciso- and that is just the start of the summer!! Was I whining about wanting summer to come- shame on me!
I have a lot to tell, but frankly after a week in Boulder, writing and critquing manuscripts and being critiqued...I got nothing. Will fill you in on all the adventures, when the words can flow.  


  1. I know that feeling. Of being empty of words or comments. Hope you soon feel better and recharged.x

  2. ... a very interesting image, for sure! Hope you're recharged :)