Thursday, May 26, 2011

SAQA Conference: The Textile Gallery at the DAM

On Sunday, many of us met up at the Denver Art Museum, getting a very informative tour of their Native American textile holdings, including the Button Blankets of the NorthWest...

used to show the clans wealth in the Potlatch gatherings, a day of feasting and gift giving.
It was fun to see the textile of the Southwest, displayed in such honor...even though I am surround by them here in the Four Corners. There was a great display of cradle boards and I told the others that I still see the Ute Mountain Ute mom's have their little ones in cradle boards in our local grocery store- propped up in the shopping cart!

and then the gorgeous beading and leather work of the Plains Indians...

Then we took a break in the Museum's cozy library, where I clicked through some of the art at the Louvre- don't you love the World Wide Web!

Before meeting up withDr. Zrebiec for a tour of the Textile Gallery.

Where we got to see, amongst my favorites...

DAM Crazy
Jane Matthews

Literally made from recycled museum calnders, and flyers.

I also loved...

Lia Cook
whose work is so amazing and I could not begin to explain her process so here is her website.

Carol Shinn
Another artist I couldn't begin to explain so here is her website

But my favorite and apparently also a lot of the school children's who come through the DAM on school field trips is this one- which I can't tell you who the artist is because I can not find the print out  Dr. Zrebiec gave us- that is horrible- anyone reading this who knows the artist name please comment!

The quilt is rather large- and the detail- a story is being told all over it. Some day I might make something this big........of course Dr. Zrebiec mentioned all the ailments of the hands and shoulders these ladies are enduring, so.....maybe I will stay small!


  1. Thank so much for posting photos of the Museum. I did not get to go, so these are really special to see. Nancy

  2. i think it's Wedding Reception at Batschelet Hall by Arlette Rose Gosiewski

  3. Looks like an enriching experience. Thanks for the review.