Sunday, May 08, 2011

Too Tired For Mother's Day!

Over 700 riders contragated below Mesa Verde National Park at Montezuma County Fairgrounds for this year's 12 Hours of Mesa Verde Mountain Bike Endurance Race.

The Fairgrounds just happens to be across the highway from Phil's Word- a labrinth of top notch single track trails.

The theme this year the Wild West, so I took a break from my fabric and thread  this last week and turned to sculpting with newspaper, cardboard, wire and masking tape...

making Vultures, Tombstones with Old West sayings like " Here Lies Bill Blake, We Hung Him By Mistake" and even pinned together two pairs of cowboy boots, old Wranglers, shirts and made "scarecrow" cowboys to stage for a shoot out.

On Friday, local High School Students and teachers joined me to decorate the Tunnel, an underpass between the fairgrounds and Phils, that is the start of the race course. The kids were very talented and the tunnel looked fantastic....

Racers were doing practice rides on Friday- so we had to keep an eye out and yell "Biker" to let everyone know to move to the side.

Race started at 7 o'clock in the morning on Saturday and I worked the time table with about twenty other volunteers. We kept track of all the racers times......

fed them......

and well since this was an endurance race and the solo winner this year did 8 laps, that is over 12 hours of pedaling- the volunteers also had to somewhat "Mother" the racers-

I even had to tell my husband, who was on a team, when he got a little cranky with me, that he needed to go "eat some salt" - these guys and gals sweat so much, the favored snack after all is done is actually a cold beer and Lays potatoes chips- cheap and salty.

It's all for a good cause, the proceeds- think last year we raised something like $30,000- all goes to support local charities!

So Happy Mother's Day- I feel like I have been mothering about 700 "beings" or so as of late- and today- I'm just tired. I'm sure my kiddos and hubby have something planned but to be honest the best day I could have is NOT to see a bike or have anyone talk about a bike ride for at least a day- thank goodness Jon and Daughter #1 are also tired and sore so maybe might get to the weekdays before the B word is mentioned!!

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  1. Oh Good Servant and mother, you have done wondrous things this weekend- I hope you were celebrated!