Friday, October 28, 2011

IF: Scary

This is an old one, but I still like it.

What is really scary for me right now is I have had so much "techy" trouble with this  blog as of late. First, some one was able to attach their own links to the end of my comments- how
un-nice is that!
Then Google wouldn't let me post on others blogs- kept telling me my username did not have permission and to use a different one.- which all meant with my now limited time, due to teaching- I have not been posting and commenting on the blogs I like to read- I have been Googling solutions to take care of all these hiccups and debating switching to Typepad or Wordpress which I do not want to do and do not have the time to learn a new system!
What I want to do, when I find a few hours before after teaching or on the days I don't is to post interesting things and comment on other's interesting blogs- #$#*$^!
So here's finger's crossed I have sorted through the problems and can start actively posting again- could you possible try posting- even if all you say is "boo"- and if you can NOT and have the time- let me know you still can't through my profile email- thank you thank you!


  1. Very nice. love the textures (and your post for "stay" since I have black labbies). Your work takes me back to my childhood and my copy of "A Child's Garden of Verse" the illustrations were all stitched.

  2. Maybe an old one, but it is still a good one!

  3. Hey hey, how dynamic is this? Even the stitching adds to the flow of the composition. I love this kind of work. It opens my eyes!

    sorry to hear of your blogger troubles. Often I have to go to googl chrome before I can comment as windows explorer won't let me!

    see you :)

  4. Anonymous11:30 PM

    This is a stunning artwork :D love your stitch style.

  5. Julia- Happy Día de los Muertos! This is a great Halloween illustration. We're heading south today!! :)

  6. What a wonderful piece - so evocative of a dark Halloween night!

  7. This is such a great poiece I love it :)

  8. I have heard what Andrew said--that using google chrome works better with blogger. :) Thanks for weighing in on this issue at my blog too--I am relieved you were able to comment. :)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair in this latest work. It is awesome. Oh, and the black cat. I've missed you--I've been so bad at getting out to blogs recently!!

  9. the last kid, dressed as a super hero, is the best! :D