Friday, October 07, 2011

My Apologies

Apparently, a parasite attached itself to my blog, adding countless links to their illustrator website to the end of all my posts, below the comments. I think it is a new trend where by attaching your link to my blog, your site can go up in the search engines or something. Ahhhh.... the things pale faced people in dark little rooms who should go out in the sun on occasion can think up on how to take advantage of other's work on the web- oh! isn't that the definition of a parasite?
Also, Apparently I am not without fault- the new blogger interface include a box that somehow was checked to allow such inpoliteness- well I finally unchecked it and hopefully that is the end of it, because I love blogger and don't want to have to move. If anyone knows more about how people can leave a sneaky link on other's  blog sites and how to stop them, please, please post. And so sorry to you readers to have to look at such things on my posts!!