Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting Ready for the Hunger Games

I don't know if I have mentioned I'm currently on the board of our little mountain town's library. Well, with the Hunger Games, probably the most anticipated book to movie release since Harry Potter, coming up, we bused kids over the pass to Bayfield, Colorado, to participate in their movie premiere party....

Our library board, nor my daughters could conceive exactly "how" Bayfield library was going to do a "mock" Hunger Games- where the goal was to have only one participant standing at the end, but with faith in our library director and children's library director, who would be helping, we gave our blessing. Logistically, I was going to be over there at the same time for business, so once that was done head over to help as well.
I have a confession- I have never read the books! I have only heard the story from my daugthers and students, so half way into the festivities and to be able to understand the excitement of the sesame seed bread from one district and the lamb stew from another district, and all that black and purple everyone was wearing, I snuck into the main library room, got online and wikipedia-ed "Hunger Games" on my kindle!
With some knowledge now of the "hoop-la" I went back in and with the running of the games well taken care of by adults, about or more crazy about "Hunger Games" then the middle schoolers, I happily took pictures and stayed out of the way the rest of the night!

Contest included, cookie decorating....

Costume Design....

Daughter #2 helped design the winning costume, I am so proud!, the finite detail these kids know about these books!!

Then the real serious games began, including the "eliminations!"

Flashlight, a darkened library, librarians cringing and evil green dots smacked on backs, took out a bunch of kids, as did water bottles also found in the dark, some "poisonous" some not!

When you died you could not talk and became an "avox" apparently someone who has displeased the Capitol, would have their tongue cut out, the library settled for duct tape.
Okay, daughter #2 not being able to talk, this I like!

Eliminations continued, until there was only a half a dozen kids still able to talk, a welcome relieve after being confined in a small library with 80 goofy middleschoolers!

And the winner of the games was decided by shooting a Nerf cross bow, at a picture of a pig- again, haven't read the books, so I have no understanding why!
One of the coolest thing about the night, was the Nerf cross bow, so I took out my kindle again, got online and ordered one for my hubby's birthday!

Really, I was very impressed with Bayfield Library's bravery and creativity in putting on such a fun launch party for the Hunger Games movie coming out this weekend, which daugther #2 and I are hopefully going to see later  today. Look over at my movie blog for my review at On Popcorn and Movies, later this weekend!

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  1. Goodness, I agree the Library was both brave and creative. Love that they taped their mouths!