Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bike Art at the Dairy Opening Reception....

Went over the mountain to Boulder for the opening reception for the Bike Art Show. Took daughter #2 and made a weekend of it, a little trip just with her, since getting Daughter #1 off to college has need many a trip over to the East Slope.

The Dairy Center for the Arts is actually housed in a old distribution center on the edge of Boulder's downtown on Walnut.

Huge space, there was a lot of bike art  and a lot of very "cool looking" people....ahh, Boulder, Colorado- a great place to people watch!

And old film footage that they shot up on the wall...

My piece was not in the back corner, or near the restroom ( it has happened!) but in a hallway....
People did stop, not that I was watching over it. Actually I took this particular picture because there were quite a few parents who took their kiddos around and explained things, it was really cute. A dad was taking his son around and when he got to mine, he said something like " all this is stitched, do you see the sunflowers? The artist stitched that all?" and then it was on to the clay mini bikers that someone had stuck to the pavement of the road and then laid down to get a "Wonky" perspective so it looked like the clay figures were life size!
Like I said I went up in the world- I'm not next to the "loo"!! ( See that orange dot- it mean it has already sold!)

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