Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I landed in Ladybug...

Just received my advance copies for the May/June edition of Ladybug Magazine!
How cool is that!
I was thrilled to work with Suzanne Beck, a wonderful art director, again. I had illustrated a poem a few years ago in Babybug ( see here) with her.
Yes, I did knit the sweater on the little boy- on like 00 double pointed knitting needles.
 I probably love the sandpipers the most, they were a late addition, thought it needed something more when I was almost done...
I love watching them in the morning and in the evening when we rent a beach house, running around the sand looking for bugs and keeping ahead of the surf...
The May/June edition was not out at the magazine shop in Durango yesterday when we went over there, even though I get some copies from the publisher it is always fun to go in a store and buy one, trying to refrain from opening it and telling the cashier, " I made that!!", I'll try again in a week or so.
The Ladybug Website has some fun "kite" painting activities, my husband discovered and  was painting a little while ago...
Getting into Ladybug comes at just the right time, the school year is almost done, getting ready for the SCBWI conference in LA in August, I'm refreshing my portfolio, both my book and my online website, my postcards and business cards.  I kind of need a "I'm not crazy to be doing this" reminder!!


  1. Congratulations. Fabulous dragon kite and little sweater.

  2. Lovely action and wonderful detail. I love how teh kite flyer has cocked the string holder, just as one must to keep control. But yes, the sandpipers are my favorite:)

  3. Wow, this is so effective Julia, the kite so realistic. Yes I love the sandpipers too and their little tracks.