Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I'm really good at this promotion thing...

I got in Babybug and totally forgot to tell anyone about it- Actually I was really hyped to first of May- the issue is the May/June and my poem was called Tickle, about a little Polynesian girl who finds an exotic bird feather and tickles her brother with it.I would go to Magpie Newstand Cafe over in Durango, first of every week looking for it and since I have been traveling been checking the various Barnes and Nobles bookstores along the way. Apparently when it is a two month span for the magazine, they are not so quick to get the next edition out. Well, I probably found it the eighth time I had head into a magazine shop in anticipation, but finally there it was and I opened it to find..... the color sucked!
Not Baybug's fault at all, they were an absolute delight to work with- it was my fault- I did the color editing and that wasn't even the problem, what was- the fabric- I should of known better, I knew better, that super saturated colors do NOT photograph well, muted midtone colors with just a little bit of highlight and extreme darks look so much better, but it was Hawaii and all I could think of, apparently, was the bright colors of Hawaii. grrrrr. I hope they are happy with it and learned my lesson, even restarted a illustration I am doing for a promotion in the Fall over- when I realized the how crappy the blue in the sky had looked in Babybug- and was using the same blue fabric. 
I have learned that usually if I put something like that aside for a while and look at it again- it is not as bad as it seems like the first time. Here is hoping! And here is the illustrations-


  1. Congratulations Julia! I love Babybug, and am so glad to see your work in it!

  2. Delightful illustrations, I like the woman hanging the washing.

  3. Oh I think these are fantastic, but we are always harder on ourselves as we have an idea set in our heads as to how it should look. Don't be so hard on yourself, I think a big pat on the back is in order :)

  4. Anonymous8:52 AM

    wow, this is great!