Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"...Tag I'm It!"

Tag, I'm It
I have been "cybertagged!"
Made myself finish a big project first- mailed it off this afternoon, so now I can come out and play! Here goes:

4 jobs I have had: Hum...
First Job-busing tables at a Chinese Restaurant- we got to eat as many broken fortune cookies and egg drop soup as we could for free- can't touch either now!
Worked three summers as a nursing assistant in a nursing home through college- learned a lot about life!
Worked as a counselor with severely disturbed kids for a summer- where I got attacked and bite in the arm by a twelve year old girl- totally my fault- pushed her to much to participate in an activity-had a perfect set of teethmarks on my arm for the whole summer- learned a lot about life!
Now I get to be an illustrator- which is soooo cool- but not as cool as my favorite job- Mom!

4 movies I could watch over and over:
(actually I do watch movies 0ver and over- and behind the scenes over and over- actually listen to them as I work in my studio- my current favorite are- it changes a lot)
Cold Mountain
Last of the Mohicans
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
(to confess)
Mission Impossible, Jason Bourne movies- (action with heart)- hey- I had a older brother who was bigger then me and he got to pick the movies- I got addicted

4 places I have lived (apart from where I am now):
Boulder Colorado
Aspen Colorado
Durango Colorado
Loveland Colorado ( where I moved nine times without changing school- my mother was a real estate agent- we even moved across the street once)
I was in Denver for two years-but it was really "just visiting" while my husband finished law school!

TV shows I love:
( okay- I am a closet Sci Fi nut!)
Farscape- has to be the funniest show out there- in a dark sort of way
Battlestar Galactic- was raised on the old series- like the first two seasons of the new- withholding judgement on the third- I don't know!
Eureka- new series on the Sci Fi channel-
Lost- hey- you can download six episodes on www.abc.com- that is sooooo cool- on demand TV- bring it on!

4 sites I visit daily-
( actually really don't visit the last three daily, often but not daily- but am chatting with them daily- so really am doing a shameless plug!)

That is pretty much it-
other then
where you can download movies for about the price of payperview

4 favorite foods:
Bing Cherries

4 places I would rather be:
Anywhere with my husband and kids ( and our dogs)
In a bookstore
"People Watching" in a mountain town like Telluride
Making dinner for my friends

4 People I am tagging:
Everyone I know has been tagged!!
I shall remain it tell I make some new cyber friends I can tag!


  1. I loved Last of the Mohicans as well. And I envy you your days spent in Colorado.

  2. Julia,
    Such fun to read this...oh..your jobs were fascinating...jobs you could "sink your teeth into". I'm so glad you are a Mom and Illustrator/writer now.