Monday, April 09, 2007

A Stitch in Time

I was enjoying the comments that were coming in on my IF "Go Green" and a lot of them had to do with how hard it must be to do collage in fabric and how much time it takes. So thought I would respond to that. First- I have tried so many other mediums-pen and ink, watercolor, paper collage and they all finished out looking like "crap" sorry can't think of another word.
In fact, other well known illustrators- one Caldacott winner who will remain nameless-
at a SCBWI conference- told me so. I tended to over work things. So finding a medium that I am successful with, even if it might take some extra time, is worth it. Beside when I get to the stitching stage- I can take it anywhere and it is very relaxing, often do it watching a movie in the evening.
The laying down the fabric really goes fast. While a painter is working in the texture in the sky, I just find some blue batik fabric and it is done in a matter of seconds. I'd say it takes four days to finish an illustration- and that is by no means a full day- that is having blocks of time to work on it- I am a mother, need I say more. One day to sketch and get a final pattern on tissue paper, a easy day laying down the the pieces of fabric- with iron on adhesive on the back, one to two days to stitch around everything and do embroidery and other details.


  1. Your work is so good that I almost forget how long it takes, and how many steps are involved in creating these wonderful illustrations in fabric. Your surfing scene has great depth and interst. The colors, the design, and all the details are a delight.

  2. Hi Julia,
    I'm just now checking out everyones blog. Life has been so busy. It seems a juggling act sometimes...and I'm not always so great at juggling. I tend to be one track minded. Sometimes the laundry piles up and the grass grows a foot while I carve out time to create. So I understand completely about "busy". Your art is so unique and inspiring, and although it may take a bit of time to create- it is soo worth it. Beautiful work.