Friday, February 22, 2008

IF- "Multiple"

This is an illustration I hadn't got up on the internet yet-and am using to try and learn how to use Photoshop lightroom- still not there but much, much better. ( and BTW- thank you a hundred times over for all the great advise I got on taking images of my artwork- you all were gracious and right on with the advice to use a ditigial camera instead of scanning!!! Thank you

I could use the theme "multiple" to describe the many attempt to figure this out and what a dunce I am at anything technical. But I have another thing to talk about- so if you are interested read on- if not- enjoy the illustration and have a great day!
Otherwise.....and this is about a writing assignment not art BTW

Today I gave up on "multiple" attempts to please an editor and just told him not pay me. It was work for hire and I just couldn't deliver what he wanted. Not that I didn't have the ability to do it- but I just thought it would be the wrong way of going about it. And since it involved teaching kids- I guess I wasn't willing to put my name on it.
When I was telling my friend about it, she didn't seem too surprised, saying "Of course- you're an artist."
What exactly is the definition of "artist?"
Does it mean just "creative"? Does it mean a person marches to their own drum- but then how can they touch the lives of others- what good is art for art sake if it doesn't move people? I'm hoping it doesn't mean "difficult" and "can't play well with others"
I think it definitely means- I don't need to be taking anymore Work For Hire writing assignments- cause I must not be very good at bring to life someone else vision-
and here again- I wonder, like I have written in this blog before- if my vision is anything that will ever be out there to "move" anyone.
It seems like I have explored a lot of doors down this hallway of creative pursuits and thus far with not the success I hoped for. I'm still turning doorknobs and have to be getting close just for the process of alimanation.
And I can hear the voices of my friends telling me the obvious- "finish your novel", "illustrate your own picturebook", "actually send something in" and Okay- you're right- but I just let my deluxe chef's oven slip through my fingers on a principle- so I need to vent-


  1. Well first of all, I really like this image. The perspective totally captures the height and the view from his (or her) little place on the mountain. It's very dramatic! As for your "situation," it sounds like you have perhaps been following leads other people suggest - finishing your novel, writing your won picture book, etc. Have you tried just quieting all those voices that say "should" and envisioning yourself in five years? What do you see? How does it feel? If it feels right, work your way backwards, retracing your steps to see how you got there :> You'll find your way... and you'll get that chef's stove too!

  2. This is a beautiful piece, Julia. I love the colors, the movement, design and subject matter. You have a great talent! I am so glad you are showing it off.

  3. I hope that you find your way.

    Tech manuals are written by experts or people who developed the software and are very familiar with the process.

    And most of the time, English is not the first language for the tech writers.

    Good luck

  4. Julia, First let me say how beautiful this illustration is. I love the crispness of the colors and the contrasts are wonderful. And now for the most important thing I'd like to say. Julia, You have lots of talent to touch people. The way you tell things is so unique and honest. I always enjoy reading your stuff. Things like 'A Lament', '3:10 To Yuma', 'Being part of an old couple', 'A stich in Time' etc., You reach out with words and go straight into our hearts, things we have also felt and could not express with words, things we all can relate to, things that make us remember, think and smile. I haven't read anything you've written for children but the things I have read that you've written for adult is fantastic and so inspiring. You have lots to say---things that Need to be said, things that make us stop and think, things that encourage us to be better persons. Your writings inspire us to remember, to reach out to one another, to care. Don't ever doubt that you have have lots.