Wednesday, April 01, 2009

IF- " Poise"

Like I seem to start all blogs,with the appearance of a political bent,I'll start this one- Whether you like Obama or not, He stepped into the "honeymoon" period of his "reign" with style and poise-
Riding the same train route- that Lincoln rode, who fought for the rights of all Americans- wow! ( I'm usually more interested in the human character then politics!)
I'm sure I will not agree with every decision Obama makes, already haven't- but I like him, adore his wife- and recognize the monumental job his has ahead.
What I don't like is how this illustration ended up- first it took forever- crowd scenes, a lot of little pieces of fabric- yikes- also as happens- got the whole thing done and was photographing the illustration- saw for the first time- bad perspective behind the train- you should see the fence on the other side of the train too! Well Chagall had bad perspective!!


  1. What an incredible work of art! Wow!

  2. Wow--this is amazing. Great colors and textures. I don't know how you have the patience to do this, but the result is fantastic!

  3. This is really wonderful! I am really impressed with your fabric art! Great image!

  4. Woah. You have amazing talent... all the textures are just so beautifully handled... you leave me very very impressed.great job with this...

  5. I love this one, Julia. You have such a wonderful way of showing a story within your creations. You are amazing!