Sunday, August 16, 2009


Getting to the conference was interesting. Rode the train all by myself because none of my girlfriends could go, plan on telling them all about the glorious weather, the nearness to the beach, the hollywood stars I rubbed elbows with, well- actually almost dropped my cell phone on from above- ( blog that later)until they are begging to come next year.
Rode the train and figured out the bus from Union Station with the help of some wonderful volunteers ( blog that later,too). Road the bus a lot, figured out the "Big Blue Bus #5"- got me to the edge of Beverly Hills, with about a half mile to go- needless to say, thank God for wheels on luggage and I was pretty sweaty and inkemp when I made my entrence to the Hyatt Century Plaza. Everyone could not of been nicer and felt truly pampered in this luxury hotel.
The confernce was four day, got there the morning before, so road my #5 bus down to Santa Monica peer, got several wonderful illustration of the people who rode the bus, African American, Asian, Espanic, and very few white- hum, kind of holds to the idea that there still is racial inequality in this country- but hey that is also another blog.
Lin Oliver, exective director and writing partner with Henry Winkler ( Fonze)declared that if an earthquake brought down the Century Plaza, there would cease to be a Children's Publishing industry and she was right!
Look over the next few weeks for my recaps of my amazing trip!

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