Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Evil Snow Cornice

A "snow cornice" is a beautiful, but dangereous and even deadly thing- defined better than I could explain as "elegant, cantilevered snow structures formed by wind drifting snow onto the downwind side of an obstacle such as a ridgeline"- they give the appearence there is more solid earth beneath the snow but in reality- it is a weak overhang and the possible start of an avalanche when they break off.

Well I have a lovely snow and ice cornice hanging off the north side of my studio- and it is blocking the sun from coming in and well..... taunting me!
I love winter-alway have- but not this winter- and this chunk of ice is really getting irritating- you can see my studio is high up  in the loft of our log house-  the roof is propanel- metal- and as a steep pitch- the ice chunk goes across maybe twenty feet of the roof- so when it falls and it will, it is going to sound like a bomb went off-
Jon says we are suppose to get more snow tomorrow, so if the cornice doesn't fall today, it will just get bigger and bigger and block more sun from my studio!!
I pondered, taking off the window screen and whacking at it with a broom handle- but know better- The dogs seem to know to stay away  from under such things.
Usually I like to ponder some understanding about life inspired by such "gifts" from nature-
Got nothing! It is just irritating and  just want the sun to again pour into my studio and my life!

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  1. I'm really impressed that you're resisting the urge to give it a shove. I would just have to. Go on... just to see what happens! Love and blessings, Amanda xxx