Thursday, March 11, 2010


Had to do some assembling this morning. Had some band posters from a few imfamous saloons scattered around the mining towns in the San Juan Mountains dry mounted and the glass cut- two things I hate to do and am really really bad at, but I put them together with gallery clips. Did it at the dining room table with the morning sun providing more light then needed.
Took me back to Art School- when I only did framing at midnight, the day before artwork was due, when I didn't have everything I needed and if I screwed up, well there would be no more mat board, etc. Made me think of all the things, now at over 40- I find very easy to do, the things that just through time, patience, pratice and confindence I can now easily do, when twenty years ago, I struggled with. 
I remember kneading bread with my grandma, who just touching the dough, could tell me it wasn't ready and would correct my kneading, though I thought I was doing it exactly like she was- now, I find myself testing and correcting my daughter skills in the kitchen and know they have the same thoughts I did.
I actually shared my pondering with my sixteen year old this morning, who was bomping around with her Ipod in her ears, whille I was framing- I encourged her that things she struggled with right now, would eventually come easy to her- and I got the typical teenage cliche response.
Actually I probably am mature enough now to frame- to get the proper tools, take my time and do it right- I just don't have to, I have a great relationship with a framer in town.
Two pluses for my own art are I don't have to frame them- when I do finish them- it is with a fabric backing- and I also don't usually have to think of light source or shading....yeah!
I also know that my draftmenship skills, design skills, ability to execute on fabric what I see in my mind is way better then it was twenty years ago.
I really am not tooting my own horn- I am tooting the boring mundane idea of "practice"- because "practice" and maturity does make perfect. ( well nothing is ever perfect, but hopefully you know what I mean, and you do get closer to the mark than with a youthful coky-ness that hasn't learned yet that skill comes after a lot of work, well unless you are a child prodigy, which most of us are not !) 

All done- I should clarify, wildly into the whole bar/band scene I am not! I like these poster because they really have the "local flavor" of the area and their graphic style.

Was going to show you a lovely picture of spring, where under the trees the snow had disappeared and shoots of grass could be seen....but then it snowed again!! 


  1. Hi Julia-

    I agree with your sentiments on the particulars of framing (I HATED cutting matts AND I left it to the night before, too! I have a neat circular scar on right middle finger where I was once polishing up a piece of glass readied for framing, and sliced a perfect crescent of skin clean off! Now there's a blog entry- artist scar stories! I do almost all my framing professionally, too. BUT, there are other things that I get better at with age (I'm 40-ish,too) like whipping out a logo in an hour, if I'm asked spontaneously. I really like that.

    Sorry about the snow- you know Iowans feel your pain. I can't believe most of ours has melted in just a few days. We may have flooding again, which is not cool. Have a good one.

  2. I've been thinking a lot about these very same ideas lately:) I remember when I was younger I used to want to know everything RIGHT NOW! And now I feel like I can really enjoy the process of getting closer and closer, little by little. Even frustration has become a sort of friend to me--keeping me mindful of how far I've come, helping me to celebrate learning one new little thing each day.

  3. Hey Julia, more snow? We are supposed to be having rain, but right now it is a bit mixed with snow.
    I loved your framing comments. I used to do a lot of framing of my watercolors, but since I am so much more digital these days I haven't done so. When I produce a very large print, however I do try to find a frame that fits. If I can't, then I'll frame my own. I too hate the glass cutting part, but my husband is great at that . I love the images on your side bars, very very nice.

    And I can't believe you have a sixteen year old... where does time go?

  4. Shame about the snow again, just when we need signs of Spring on it's way (so I won't mention the sunshine outside my window!)
    I often leave framing until the last minute too, and can be found an hour before an exhibition, frantically labelling sculptures! Last year, I dropped one on the morning of submission as I was in such a fluster!!!