Monday, April 05, 2010

Animals of the Desert

More from the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, do you have a feel yet how cool this place was!!
This barn owl weighs only a pound! He hacks up pellets of all the fur and bones of the little rodents he eats but can't digest! yuck!

Everything in the desert is smart enough to take it real easy when the sun gets high, including these Mexican Grey Wolves, who are still endangered.

This is a kiwati, or something like that, I can't find it on the Web and they aren't in Colorado. They look like a cross between a raccoon, ant eater and a little bit of cat!

The birds of prey were amazing, flying all over the place, landing here and there and then returning to their handlers!

River Otters are a "Hoot"!

Have you ever noticed that it doesn't matter the species ( even these Desert Sheep) the male has to have a higher perch?

That Grey Fox is trying to decide if it is worth it to try and catch that little bird in the heat of the midday sun.

That's a javalina-a hairy pig. My husband use to hunt them with a compound bow, even had one of the heads you know how sporting good stores get all their trophies they line around high up along the walls?....widows- the second the hubby is in the ground, the wife gets rid off all the dead things lining the house. Jon keeps his hides in his office-the rest of the house is animal free and his hunting passion has subsided for mountain biking- he still hunts deer and elk in the fall, he is a Colorado boy-but not so much the exoctic animals-though javalina is pretty good, so is antelope. He did bring home a bear roast one time, since the etiguette is if you help another hunter pack out game, you get some of the meat- yuck- you have to marinade it for like a week and then cook it for another- it has tricanosis, like pork, so you have to be really careful-thought he would try and make sausage with it using my Cuisinart food processor-took my a looooong time to de-bear meat that! We do eat a lot of Elk and Deer- between my husband and brother-Did have rattlesnake once, that tastes like chicken....humm don't know why all these animal pics made me thing of cooking wild game?

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  1. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Coati ...., also known as Brazilian aardvarks, Mexican tejón, hog-nosed coons, pizotes, and snookum bears, are members of the raccoon family and not attractive creatures!!! Not sure why you're thinking of cooking wild game .... none of those animals looked very yummy. Nice photos though!!!