Sunday, May 02, 2010

IF- "Cacoon"

I am not this butterfly, I am still in my "Cacoon" partly because this is what greeted me this morning...
for the record...snow on the morning of May 2, 2010.
No butterflies, saw one hummingbird a few days ago, hope they are still alive.Apricots are all gone...maybe  Spring will come about the time Summer begins?
Also feel like am in a Cacoon because I took on a big, BIG writing all consuming project at the same time I took on the biggest illustration I've done. Finished writing project last night, should finish the illustration today, sense it's deadline is tomorrow. But luckily stitching uses an entirely different part of the brain that is exhausted from writing!


  1. Glad you utilized the stitching brain... this is delightful! Nice work Julia.

  2. Julia, I'm praying for a big, fat, hot, sunny day for you! Full of the smells and sounds of Spring!!! Much love, Amanda xxxx

  3. Spring is edging closer to you, slowly! Well done with the deadlines :)