Saturday, February 25, 2012

With Altitude comes Craziness!

The day was so gorgeous and sunny and I needed to get some reference photos for an upcoming illustration, so we threw the X country skis and  the kid ( daughter #2, daughter #1 was already up here, skiing Telluride with the Boyfriend ) in the car and meandered up the Dolores highway, where at the top of Lizard Head Pass...

 there was the usual snowmobilers and Xcountry skiers, and then there were these "crazies!"

They are "para-skiing" like you do in "Cobo", but on snow skis instead of water skis...
Which is more like cement, if you crash, snow or water?

1 comment:

  1. Love to Xcountry ski. Unfortunately, we have had a very bizarre and snow-less winter in New England. I think those parasailing skiers are a bit crazy--like trying to put the down hill into the Xcountry! Although, maybe it's super fun. (I bet it is!)

    Laughing over your cement question!