Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Harvest Time

It is that time of year and we had a good year. Not only did we have apricots for the first time in like four years on the homestead, see HERE for how hit and miss it is, every year, but we got a bumper crop of pears and several varieties of apples.
I got Jon a book on old varieties of apples, Old Southern Apples, Revised & Expanded: A Comprehensive History and Description of Varieties for Collectors, Growers and Fruit Enthusiasts  by Creighton Lee Calhoun. What a title, but it is a beautiful book, with colored plates showing watercolors used to identify the different variety turn of the century before colored photography was even thought of. Many, many of the illustrators were women.

We have a potluck at church, so think we will be taking a few boxes, cause this is just what was ripe today. The fridge in the barn is full of apples, cause next weekend we are headed to Grand Junction, Colorado where there is a Brewing Store downtown, we'll either make apple cider this year or a really scary science experiment!

Our plum rum is already mixed up and sitting in the pantry. We have a half an acre of plums left on the trees, the deer are very happy.


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  1. Your pears are one of my favorite colors!

    Do you know British made Pimms? Kind of a herbal liquore...A great orchard drink, add ice, lemonade and apples and cucumber (I bet pitted plums would work, too) and find a chair facing the sunset.