Monday, November 26, 2012

Had a Real Nice Thanksgiving...

Thursday we had a real nice, lazy Thanksgiving, didn't eat turkey until like 5 o'clock. But had an olive, cheese and sausage feast about noon...

courtesy of Whole Foods, which we hit in Colorado Springs last weekend, when Jon was up there to speak at the Colorado County Attorney's conference. Since we don't have the glorious grocery store anywhere near us, when we do get to one, we sort of go crazy...
We got our free range turkey there, and some wonderful chicken to stick in the icebox, and a whole lot of bread, regular sour dough, rosemary sourdough, pretzel bread- if you were wondering. Cheese- Gouda and another stinky cheese.
 I slowly and purposefully browsed the aisles as Jon just kept bringing back olives and cheese- said the lady "manning" the free cheese samples" got testy.
I don't like whole olives, but when in LA for the publishing conference, we live at the hotel bar, and they have an olive spread to die for- found it! at Whole Foods- so good with those olive oil crackers or with Peta bread triangles.
Been loving my "peace sign" to go cup, many of our old ones have "just disappeared" in a house of teenagers. Daughter #1 was spying it, but it is still here and she headed back to college yesterday.
Daughter #2 wanted to try to make fried calamari- no place to get that here- so bought some squid frozen and experimented Wednesday night, while Daughter #1 and I tried to figure out popstickers like the kind at Panda Express- something else that is always a must on a trip since not here in the Four Corners.
It was wonderful, having the girls in the kitchen and Jon helping, even if he did let the "white beast" eat the tops off my homemade rolls.

My pecan and apple pies turned out wonderfully and the dogs didn't get them!!
"The Boyfriend" was around and made it feel more festive, as was Grandpa, though he just came in mostly to eat and then headed back out to his horses and cats. I take that back- a rousing card game of Michigan Rummy was played by all- I don't think I ever got out of the negative numbers!

I love the big Thanksgivings too, where the women are all in the kitchen and many know what and how to get down all the cooking- we need to get over the mountain to be with my mom next year, though she and I were on speaker phone several times chatting, both in our kitchen's cooking.

Friday was lazy where Daughter #1 went to "the Boyfriend's" house for a second feast and then Saturday we were back together and headed up to Telluride, where because of the mild weather, the kids snowboarded and Jon biked the valley floor in shorts- no joke! I spent the day sketching, the above scene of Telluride's Courthouse and the rugged box canyon beyond it. Sat in our truck on the street with the windows rolled down.

When the kids were done we met up at the Steaming Bean...
Where people were debating between something "hot" or something "cold".
Then it was time to head back home...
Now it is Monday and the challenge is to get ready for Christmas and keep the "bliss" - if I stay out of Walmart, I might be able to! 

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