Sunday, January 07, 2007

A Blog a Day!

ew Year Resolutions have always just been a mark of failure to me, as they are for many people. I seem to do much better sort of sneaking up on my self improvements,slightly adjusting the course till I surprise myself with being in a better place then I was.
On a long drive across Northwest New Mexico, I came up with some course changes- that if I do them more then I don't- I should be pleased with the results.
The first one was to-if at all possible-blog everyday,abandoning my daily paper journal-which I feel somewhat guilty about- for an online journal. Pondering the difference between the two, I came up some guidelines to follow- more times then not.
1. A paper journal is personal- really only for the eyes of the writer. Pope John Paul had his journals burned at the time of his death- always wondered if his assistants took a peek before striking the match. An online journal is universal- literally! Already there has been traffic on this blog from China, Portugal and even Siberia!! Two concerns arise- 1- What you might think of me- if I expose my thoughts and ponderings- "Better keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool- then open it and remove all doubts! (or something like that) and 2nd- the challenge of having the content be- more then it is not- something that will resonate to an universal audience.
I claim to be a writer, as I claim to be an artist- there is not a day I don't put my hands on something to do with my art- there are many days- I do not write- that is what I hope to change- someone once said "you have to write 1,000 pages of &%^&^#$ before you write anything good- well here is to getting 365 pages of %^%$%^&# out of me- and maybe a few good morsels along the way to!
Oh- and being a "universal journal" please feel free to comment- just click the comment button at the bottom of the post- and after a quick register- comment away- as long as my kids would be allowed to read it- I will post it for all to see- Here is to the journey- wherever it may lead!


  1. You are brave Julia. I keep a journa(s) and then have to hide it(them) even from myself. I must have five or six stashed away someplace..who knows when or even by whom they will be found. There is something very permanent and also very fulfilling to writing a journal..and I do have some that I have kept for years. Those are the ones that I actually found, that is.

  2. I also have kept a journal for many years and was reading them and realized how really there are about three themes I write about over and over again- relationships, worries, insecurities and I was just repeating myself. I will blog a book I bought this weekend waiting for a bagel to get made in a coffee/bookstore that inspired me about this- soon!

  3. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Julia thanks for this post! You have inspired me to blog daily. I have a set of goals for this year that I am going right now to blog! This is the year Julia! Let's do it!

  4. And I am so grateful, so thankful, so blessed not to be doing it alone!! Thank you!