Friday, January 12, 2007

Illustration Friday....80's

Warning: There is a heavy dose of reminiscing- so if you don't know me- I apologize!
This was fun! A blast from the past! Got the email this morning and it prompted me to pull out my portfolio from art school! Started the fall of 1986- 18 and naive- I packed my bags and headed to Fort Lewis College in Durango Colorado- ( funny just reminiscing about Durango in my journal blog this morning!
The pic is of Lauren and Michelle- the stars of the theater program at Loveland High School- I was the behind the scenes Assistant Director and Stage Manager and an aspiring art student- we would go done to Lake Loveland- and I would photograh them and Megan and Tom- ( which I am going to find some of those photos for the world to see!- Megan will "die"- but sa la vie- do you remember that from French class Megan!)
Well the four "cool" ones would be in front of the camera- and me the "geek" would be behind- which I loved- and we would take the most awesome black and whites- me reviling in being "artistic"- my step dad had a dark room in the basement and a "kindness" that let me develop as much as I wanted to- wow- got to find those black and whites!
Well when I head off to art school- I took them and used them alot in my freshmen design class- so here is the blast from the past and a few black and whites to torture my old friends- boy I wish I knew where Michelle was- she headed off to make her fame as an actress- think she is in Washington DC- last I checked- getting rave reviews in a play- if I remember right- might have to "google" her!

Tom and Megan! wow does this not scream the 80's!
One of the boys had an old truck- huh-loved them even back then- old Fords and Chevys- and the Awesome Four!


  1. Anonymous11:32 AM

    Very Very Cool! Loved this! A part of Julia I never knew!

  2. I think I'm going to die. Major blast from the past. I had forgotten that photo shoot.

    Just for the record, you were NOT the "geek" behind the camera. You were amazingly talented even then. That's why I liked you. ;-)

    I have been,and always will be one of your biggest fans.

  3. Thanks Megan- believe me I have always known I should not be Infront of the camera or on the stage- my talents lie in directing!
    Thanks for being one of my biggest fans- be it my crayon drawing of a "princess" dress in kindergarten or my introduction to the world wide web- you will always be my B.B.C.P.F.F.F !!

  4. Julia,
    That was a blast! Funny, I can see your style shining through in that painting, and nearly picture it in fabric, especially that purple part that would translate into tiny knots. Loved the pics!

  5. it was fun going down memory lane with you :)

  6. Julia.... Wonderful images and fond memories combine to make a marvelous taste of the 80s. I love your painting! You are multitalented... I am not sure there is a talent you don't already have. Great job!

  7. Ask my 3D instructors- my cermanic bust and head sculptures were truly scary!... as was my apartment- you had to dig them out to about 1/4 thickness from inside- when they were leather hard- yikes- had pieces of clay all over the place the rest of the year!

  8. Funny pics! The hair, the hair!