Monday, January 04, 2010


I usually love the winter,hiking in the crispness of the cold air, the snow and then the cozy times inside with family and friends by the fire- but not this year, this year I have longed for the sun and heat on my face. The holidays were mared by worry, which in the end was just me not trusting God, again, and in faithfulness He has again taken care of the things I had no power to change by worry. I am thankful for his hand on me, but I still wish for the warmth of the sun on my face.

In hopes of some warmth, we went over to the slick rock, which is above Moab Utah, in search of the sun, but even there the snow was deep and the winter had a great hold on the desert, usually there is just a dustingo of snow, if there is any.

It got me thinking about the Illustration Friday theme this week- "Renewal" and how in the dead of winter, when there is little life in the earth, the new year comes, though we have no control over our future, we make a declaration, a statment of faith really- a New Years Resolution. In the dead of Winter we see a chance to renew ourselves.

learning my lesson today- I do feel the beginnings of "renewal" in me and delcare my only "resolution" for 2010 is for me to trust God and be more faithful to Him!
and He will bring the warmth of the sun to my face once more!


  1. Julia--I find your post to be inspirational. Thanks.

  2. The photos are awe inspiring. What gorgeous country! But the great fabric painting is what made me stop in my tracks. It is wonderful. All the sunshine, the companionship, the rock paintings, florals and blossoming tree are just so perfect. Your choice of color and fabric and stitching is marvelous. You have such a marvelous talent and are so generous to share these pieces that speak to the soul.

  3. Julia--I thought I left this comment already, but I just wanted to let you know that I find this post, and your whole blog inspirational.

  4. Nice Father's Day gift! Beautiful... I love the tree and the blossoms. Neat!

  5. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Okay Julia so there are reasons people pop in and out of our lives. I have been feeling much the same as you have. . .marred by worry and feeling so anxious about selling our house and where my husband and I are financially that I have not been sleeping much. Literally waking up at 1am and not being able to sleep. Getting up and just fretting. . .

    So your post was so timely and I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the un be known to you speech of putting my where I needed to be. Helping me realize I need to really show some control so to speak in letting God be in control. . . .

    Thanks a lot for reconnecting with me and always being a realistic voice. . .

  6. Hi Julia! Thanks for popping by to visit me. I've just spent a happy hour reading back through your archives and admiring your work. You're so accomplished at something that i'm just getting into...making pictures from fabric. I'm in awe! I've really enjoyed reading what you think of the world and life. Plus i'm always excited to meet another Christian. I'll be back for sure! Much love, Amanda xxx

  7. Yay for you, Julia! You wrote what many of us are feeling as well, but weren't sure how to say. I had one of the worst weeks ever two weeks ago. Then,last week, it got worse. But, as you said, God resolves these things and his goodness is new every day. Next week is lookin' terrific! And wow. I love your image of the hike. Petroglyphs! Nice. And you're amazing.

  8. What beautiful photos and I absolutely love your fabric illustrations - so much patience and talent!