Thursday, January 14, 2010

To Build a Fire

    I have been enjoying reading all the wonderful "artist" blogs across the pond- recording the unusual snow fall that the United Kingdom has been getting. Many have said their days are filled with the chores of taking care of their animals and bringing more wood in for their "log burners" and figuring out the knack of keeping a for going all night! Check out Jackie Morris' wonderful blog- Drawing a Line in Time.

     She inspired me to show our set up here near the Four Corners, in the USA- where we call them "wood stoves" instead of "log burners! And are dealing with......1 1/2 feet on the ground - though it has not snowed in a week!

Of course some here in the US pride themselves on a neat stack of wood, under some protection- uhhhhummmm we talk about doing that every fall- never seems to happen though- so it becomes a matter of burrowing down- to find the wood- where it was piled in the fall- which actually does stay rather dry and protected under the blanket of snow.


of course there is always an audience!

This is my attempt to stack- feeling sorry for my husband who was having a bad week- when he does the stacking he will block much of the window above, And of course on the porch for the rest of the winter, one can expect to trip over skis and snow shovels!

The wood stove is our main source of heat in the cabin- we do have a propane furance that is only used when we are away and don't want the pipes to freeze- which mean I have to vacumn out the vents for dust bunnies!


  1. Hi Julia. Boy, do you live in a gorgeous place, and it must be great to have a wood stove, I'm very envious. But then you need a good heat source surrounded by all that snow!

    The link to my Studio is

    It should only be the Retreat that is hidden now, and that's mainly because I'll be advertising my website soon on Facebook and such places and I don't want too much of my personal life on show!

    Thank you again for visiting :)

  2. Hi Julia, what a beautiful place!! I like the snowflakes in your website too.

    Thank you for visiting :-) Your illustrations are wonderful!