Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy "Pancake Tuesday"

While others are getting ready for "Fat Tuesday" or Mardi Gras, we on the insistence of Jon, had pancakes- why- because he declared that is what our Irish ancestors and much of Europe has done through the ages. "Why" I asked again, reminding him the reason for such traditions of collecting Mardi Gras beads, that we now so often see the students coming out of school on Mardi Gras wearing- I've explained to our girls what traditionally would be expected of them to collect such beads and both don't like wearing them, even in fun as part of the innocent festivities at school.
So I wanted to know exactly why pancakes were eaten on this day and sent him off to Wikipedia the answer- this is what he came back with - a much more practical tradition then "whooping up the night, before forty days of false piate' .
Pancakes- use up much of the good things in the cupboard that would go bad if not used in the fasting of Lent- sugar, milk and eggs!
I have gained many European friends through this blog- have you ever heard of "Pancake Tuesday- do you practice it- or is it like Cornbeef and Cabbage on St. Patrick's day- a very American thing.
The picture is of Roy Ethridge, Al Wetherill and Seth Taner cooking pancakes or pones on the Colorado River taken in 1891 by Gustaf Nordenskiold on their way to be tourist and check out the Grand Canyon amongst other things- it's in the collection of Fred Blackburn, a very nice man and authority on the Wetherill family and Mesa Verde- who has been gracious enough to help me in my research for my YA novel. Check out his webside at http://www.wetherillfamily.com/


  1. Thank you for introducing me to a new holiday. I know that my little folks will be forever grateful to you for giving us a yearly excuse to have Pancakes for Dinner!!

  2. My oldest daughter came home from school having compared notes with a friend who was born and lived in Ireland before moving here- he had pancakes this morning for tradition- but didn't know why?

  3. Pancakes! Pancakes! I'll bet Roy, Al, and Seth licked their plates. Out in the wilderness everything tastes better. So, if you take super food to begin with and hike through snow or brambles or rocky terrain, say...thirty miles, give or take, then those pancakes will taste so good you would want to make a national holiday as a remembrance. I like that you gave us all this alert! Pancake Tuesday it is. Waffle Wednesday, and for Thursday it's....hmmmm, nothing works that starts with "th", except Thyrup Thursday! That's it! You put thyrup on pancakes so you can have them again on Thursday. Yay!

  4. I love a pancake with nuts in the batter, but house majority here demands them just straight up with syrup. Hmm, it's 2pm and I'm hungry for breakfast!

    Nice work, nice blog- look forward to visiting.